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We have lots of Puzzles: try the Tower of Hanoi, solve the Mistake at the Apple Farm, think clearly about the Average Arms Problem, find out if you are clever enough for Einstein's Who Owns the Fish? or the Who Owns the Crocodile puzzles.


Interactive Transformations

Rotation Reflection Translation

Visit our legendary Spinning Tetrahedron and other Platonic Solids

Then discover the magic inside Pascal's Triangle ...

... learn about World Time Zones, and why days are longer in Summer and shorter in Winter

Get graphing with the Sine Graph Exercise

Find out how a pizza can teach fractions, how dogs can teach standard deviation, or how a baby can teach multiplying negatives

... and much much more (thousands of pages)

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There is material here for every year of school, and we are always adding more and improving what is there.

We have an Index by Subject and Year

If there is something you would like changed or created, just let us know! We love suggestions and comments (and there is also the famous Math Is Fun Forum, too).

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