Tessellation Artist

Mathematics and Art come together!



First - just play with it! Draw on it. Try the different tools and see what happens.

Tiling Directions

You can control the spacing:

Best to just try dragging the dots to see what happens!


You can draw regular polygons using the polygon tool. Choose the number of sides, from 3 (Triangles) to 12 (Dodecagons). You may also need to adjust the angle to get the desired effect.

tessellation artist guide tessellation artist guide

Nudge and Undo

up-down-left-right keys

You can nudge the most recent addition by using the up down left right keys.
Press ctrl to make smaller adjustments.


You can also use "Undo" to remove the last shape.

What Can You Make?

You can make all kinds of interesting patterns! Have a look at the Tessellation page - there are lots of examples of tiling patterns that were made using tessellation artist (some color was added using a simple paint program).