Common Functions Reference

Here are some of the most commonly used functions, and their graphs:

Linear Function:

y=mx+b graph

f(x) = mx + b

Square Function:

Square function

f(x) = x2

Cube Function:

Cube function

f(x) = x3

Square Root Function:

Square root function

f(x) = √x

Reciprocal Function

Reciprocal function

f(x) = 1/x

Logarithmic Function:

natural logarithm function
f(x) = ln(x)

Floor and Ceiling Functions:

Floor function
The Floor Function
Ceiling function
The Ceiling Function

Dance Moves

You can remember them by dancing (author unknown):

math dance moves


7250, 7251, 7252, 7253, 7254, 7255, 7256, 7257, 7258, 7259