Number Puzzles

Try these number puzzles:

10-digit Number
Find a 10-digit number where the first digit is how many zeros in the number, the second digit... Try Puzzle >>
Use the numerals 1, 9, 9 and 6 exactly in that order to make the following numbers: 28, 32,... Try Puzzle >>
24 from 8,8,3,3
How can I get the answer 24 by only using the numbers 8, 8, 3 and 3. You can use add, subtract,... Try Puzzle >>
5-digit Number
What 5-digit number has the following features: If we place an extra numeral 1 at the beginning,... Try Puzzle >>
9-digit Number
What 9-digit number has the following features: It has all 9 digits from 1 to 9 It can... Try Puzzle >>
A Unique Number
What is unique about 8549176320 ? Try Puzzle >>
A Weighty Problem
I have ten boxes, with a total weight of 75kg: 15 kg, 13 kg, 11 kg, 10 kg, 9 kg, 8 kg, 4... Try Puzzle >>
Absolutely Christmas Crackers
Last month I sent off for one of those kits which you can use to make your own Christmas Crackers.... Try Puzzle >>
Alphabetical Order
Find a number with its letters in alphabetical order. Example: "five" has "fiv" in alphabetical... Try Puzzle >>
When asked about his birthday, a man said: "The day before yesterday I was only 25 and next... Try Puzzle >>
Find the code! • It has 6 different digits • Even and odd digits alternate (note:... Try Puzzle >>
Digital Clock Times
Tim saw that his oven digital clock was showing 1:23, and noticed that each number was one... Try Puzzle >>
Eight eights
Use 8 exactly eight times to make 1000 a) Using only + − × / b) Also allowing... Try Puzzle >>
Five Card Trick
I am thinking of one of these five cards: You have to try to find out which one I am... Try Puzzle >>
Four Fours
A popular mathematical pastime: Use exactly four 4's to form every integer from 0... Try Puzzle >>
Four-Digit Whole Number
There is one four-digit whole number n, such that the last four digits of n2 are... Try Puzzle >>
Can you arrange the numerals 1 to 9 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9) in a single fraction that... Try Puzzle >>
How Old is Granny
Tom asked his Granny how old she was. Rather than giving him a straight answer, she replied: ... Try Puzzle >>
It Could Be Verse
Horace bought some cakes today As explained in this song. Now, as he took his... Try Puzzle >>
Magic Square 111
This is a Magic Square. This means that the numbers add up to the same total in every direction. Every... Try Puzzle >>
Make the Number 100
Using the numerals 1,7,7,7 and 7 (a "1" and four "7"s) create the number 100. As well as... Try Puzzle >>
Hungry Horace went into the Music Shop to buy some musical sweets which they were selling. There... Try Puzzle >>
Mince Pie Madness
One afternoon, Hungry Horace made a large number of mince pies for his Christmas party the... Try Puzzle >>
Missing Number 1
What is the missing number in Triangle Four? Try Puzzle >>
Missing Number 2
What is the missing number? Try Puzzle >>
Mobile Digits
You have a calculator with a keyboard which consists of 10 digits and two symbols, [#] and... Try Puzzle >>
Moving House
A man who had lived at the highest-numbered address on his street moved to another house on... Try Puzzle >>
Multiply or Add
Guy goes into a store and buys 4 things. The cashier tells him his bill comes to $7.11. "Wait... Try Puzzle >>
Newspaper Caper
Here's a newspaper made of 8 large sheets of paper folded in half. The newspaper has 32... Try Puzzle >>
Number Sequences
There are infinitely many formulas that will fit any finite series. Try to guess the next... Try Puzzle >>
One and a Half Hens
If one and a half hens lay one and a half eggs in one and a half days, how many eggs does one... Try Puzzle >>
Open The Safe
Ludwig Bump runs the bank in Mathsville. You have to help him, though, because he has forgotten... Try Puzzle >>
Own Average
Single digits are the average of themselves. Example: the average of 7 is 7. Can you find... Try Puzzle >>
Peas Galore
At a school fete people were asked to guess how many peas there were in a jar. No one... Try Puzzle >>
Race 5 at a Time
25 people enter the picnic race. But the track is narrow and only 5 can race at a time.... Try Puzzle >>
Root Jigsaw
Two of the four jigsaw tiles have the same sum of their roots. Find these tiles. Try Puzzle >>
Sides Reversed Is
Hungry Horace was copying down his Mathematics Homework the other day, but because he was in... Try Puzzle >>
Squares on a Chess Board
How many squares are there on a chess board ... ? (Think carefully now) Try Puzzle >>
Sum of 5
A 5-digit number has the sum of all five digits equal to 5. The first digit is equal to... Try Puzzle >>
Sum Of Digits is 43
I am thinking of a 6-digit number. The sum of the digits is 43. And only two of... Try Puzzle >>
The Pearl Necklace
A pearl necklace has 33 pearls with the largest and most valuable in the middle. Starting... Try Puzzle >>
The Strange Mind Of Eureka Blip
Welcome to the strange mind of Eureka Blip. He does not always think the same way as we... Try Puzzle >>
Thinking Chocolate
There were 100 chocolates in a box. The box was passed down along a row of people. The... Try Puzzle >>
Twice the Age
Age problems were quite the fashion in antiquity. Here is an example: I have twice the age... Try Puzzle >>
Two Consecutive Numbers
A Teacher thinks of two consecutive (one after the other) numbers in the range 1 to 10, and... Try Puzzle >>
What is the Pattern
Write down the next line in the following pattern: Try Puzzle >>
What The Students Know
A teacher says: The first student knows their product and the other one knows their... Try Puzzle >>
Where Did the Dollar Come From ?
Two friends have a nice meal together, and the bill is $25 The friends pay $15 each, which... Try Puzzle >>
Where Did the Dollar Go ?
Three friends have a nice meal together, and the bill is $25 The three friends pay $10 each,... Try Puzzle >>