T-Rex by Plotting Coordinates

t rex


You can draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex like this one.

You will need:

If you do not have any squared paper you can download this file in rtf format. Open it in your word processor and print it out


Once you have your materials draw an x and y axis on the squared paper.

Be careful - this picture uses negative coordinates!

The x axis should go from −10 to 9
The y axis should go from −14 to 14

If you use the downloaded grid it will have to be in landscape layout.

Now plot these coordinates and join them up like dot to dot as you go:

T-Rex Body:

T-Rex Arm 1:

T-Rex Arm 2:

T-Rex Front Leg:


You can then draw in any detail you wish and paint your Tyrannosaurus Rex as you want.