Master Detective

Use the clues to solve the mystery. Read Explanation below.



You need to turn this:

Into something like this:

(depending on puzzle)

But you must follow the clues!

Clues look like this:

this guy is above the 1
So any column without a 1 shouldn't have that guy.
Likewise any column without that guy shouldn't have a 1.

the balloon is next to 2 (on left or right)
So you can remove a balloon that is not next to any 2 on either side.
Or a 2 that is not next to any balloon on either side.

the balloon is somewhere to the right of 1
So find the furthest left 1, and the balloon won't be above it or further left.
Likewise the furthest right balloon won't have a 1 above it or further right.

the girl is somewhere to the left of 3
Same idea as above, but right vs left.

the car is in-between the 3 and the plane
(left-to-right or right-to-left)


Click on the puzzle to remove one of the small pictures. Click again to bring it back.


You can move the clues around the screen to help you arrange your thoughts.