Activity: Discover Mass (Weight)

Mass is how much matter is in something. We can measure this by weighing. So today we will be ...


You will need:

You can measure using grams (g), kilograms (kg), ounces (oz) or lbs (lb).

scales digital 0kg weighing dog
Weigh a child Weigh your dog


measuring 1kg
Using Kitchen Scales to measure 1 kg (2.2 lb) of sugar

weighing 2.5kg digital
Using Bathroom Scales to measure a 2.5 kg weight

weighing knife

This knife weighs about 75 g (nearly 3 oz)

How did I measure that?

Between 0 and 4oz there are 4 spaces, so each mark means 1oz. The pointer is nearly up to the 3rd mark, which means nearly 3oz.

Likewise between 0 and 100g there are 4 spaces, so each mark means 25g.
The pointer is on the 3rd mark, which means 75g.

Some ideas of things to measure:

Fill In This Table

Write down your Guess just before you measure the Actual weight. As you measure more things, your guesses can get better.

Item Guess Actual

From Smallest to Largest

Lastly, list all the items you measured, from the smallest to largest mass.

Example: Small bottle (empty), spoon, ...