Activity: Discover Capacity (Volumes)

It is interesting to find how much things can hold, so today we will ...

Measure Capacity!

You will need:

Relative Sizes

cups various
Find Cups around the house ...
... include at least one small one.

pour glass cup
Now, use the small one to fill each of the other ones in turn.

Record your results here:

  How Many
Description of Cup or Glass Guess Actual
Smallest 1 1

Measured Sizes

Use a Measuring Cup to measure how many milliliters (ml) or fluid ounces (fl oz) fit into each of your cups or glasses.

A measuring cup showing 150ml

cup pouring
Pouring a cup into a measuring cup.

What if the cup is larger then the measuring cup?

Fill the measuring cup to the top mark, empty it and start again. Add up the total.

  Capacity (ml or fl oz)
Description of Cup or Glass Guess Actual


We can also measure capacity using measuring spoons.

measuring spoons
Measuring Spoons (Tbs means Tablespoon, Tsp means Teaspoon)

pouring 1 tbs cup
Pouring a tablespoon of water into a cup

This time we will count how many tablespoons (tbs) you need to fill a cup. A tablespoon holds about 15ml.

Description of Cup or Glass Guess Actual

From Smallest to Largest

Lastly, list all the items you measured, from the smallest to largest capacity.

Example: Tiny clear glass, small white cup, ...