Activity: Counting Coins

Collecting and counting money!

coin stack add

Step 1: Collect all the coins in the house! (I am sure your family won't mind when you say you are learning mathematics.)

Step 2: Sort them into groups (5c in one group, 10c in another, etc)

Step 3: Count how many in each group, then calculate the group value.

Example: You count your 5c coins, and find you have 15 of them.

5c × 15 = 75c

You can use this form:

Coin How Many Value

Total Value:


Step 4: Add up all the group totals so you know how much money you have!

Tell everyone what a good job you did ...

... and ask if you can keep the money!

coin stack


Tip: If you make stacks of coins exactly 10 high it is easier to calculate the totals.